Fidonet related Perl scripts

  • nl2db - Perl scripts to load and manage the information in an FTN nodelist into a database supported by the Perl DBI module.
  • pkt2txt - - Perl script to read FTN packets & output text files for the included messages
  • pkt2html - - Perl script to read FTN packets & output html files for the included messages
  • srifpl - - Test script for an external file request processor using SRIF files.
  • bbsdbpl - Perl scripts for an FTN compatible BBS, with the message base being held in a MySQL Database.
  • mrtgbbbs - - Perl script for reading the mrtg info from the BBBS standard port.
  • descadd - - Perl script to add File area descriptions from the FDN list into your BBBS filedirg.000 file.
  • indexer - - Perl script to generate web pages for bbbs file directories.
  • ticmsg - - Perl script to sort & organize file lists for posting.
    Husky Project
  • hpt2sql - Perl scripts for using an SQL database with the Fidonet/FTN compatible Fidonet Tosser/Scanner, HPT from the Husky project. This version uses only the Perl hooks in HPT, standard Perl, & a MySQL database.
    Maximus BBS
  • af4max - Perl script which will produce a list of all files available for download from the file areas of a Maximus bulletin board system. Runs under Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Windows. (GNU GPL)